Stem Cell Pricing

Stem Cell Pricing

2024 Guide to Stem Cell Therapy Costs at Regenamex: Affordable and Advanced Treatments in Mexico

IV Administration

  • 100 Million Expanded Cells: Experience the benefits of Wharton’s Jelly or placental mesenchymal stem cells for just $3,500 USD.

Joint Infiltration

  • Effective Relief: 50 million mesenchymal stem cells at $2,500 USD per joint.
  • Special Promotion: For multiple joints, enjoy a reduced rate of $2,250 USD per joint.

Image-Guided Applications

  • Precision Treatment: Utilize fluoroscopy-guided stem cell applications for $4,000 per 100 million cells.

Hospital Services

  • Intrathecal Application: Expert administration by a pediatric anesthesiologist for $1,200 USD.
  • Fluoroscopy Applications: Comprehensive package including radiologist and OR rental at $1,600 USD.

Exosome Therapy

  • Tailored Dosages: Choose from 250 µg ($450 USD), 500 µg ($900 USD), or 1000 µg ($1,800 USD).

The P Shot

  • Enhanced Performance: Two 25 million cell injections for $2,000 USD.

MRI Diagnostic Services

  • Accurate Imaging: Typically $300 per area investigated.

Additional Amenities

  • Comfortable Accommodations: Condo fees at $50/night and all-inclusive resort options from $100-$150/night.
  • Convenient Transportation: Complimentary for all our patients, including airport transfers.

Regenamex is dedicated to offering the most advanced stem cell therapies at transparent and affordable prices. Our 2024 pricing guide reflects our commitment to accessibility and excellence in care. Contact us to learn more about how our treatments can benefit you and to schedule your consultation.

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