Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Are you getting older and your energy levels feel flat or deflating? Is your sex drive down and is body fat accumulating where it didn’t used to?

These are signs for men that your testosterone levels are low. Here at REGENAMEX Clinic we receive many many calls from guys just like you. It seems that the age of 40 is this magic time where all these negative issues present themselves. This is not fun, but there is a solution and the best part about the solution is that it can make you feel like you are in your 20’s again.
Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or andropause as it is called is a treatment that deals with low testosterone in men. The following graph shows you how as men age their testosterone levels plummet. Most of the guys calling us are between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. Almost all of them are already on a TRT treatment from their doctors or have at least had their testosterone levels checked. We consistently find that men in this age range are coming in with testosterone levels in the 200 – 400 range. To give you contrast, a healthy male in his prime between 18 and 25 comes in with testosterone levels in the 1000 – 1200 range. We have found that men do not feel healthy and energized until they get their testosterone levels above 700. Even with doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy people are not getting the doses that they need. Everyday we talk to guys that are on a TRT program from their doctor and are doing so many things wrong. First the doctor prescribes the testosterone based on the patient’s T levels and age. Meaning they give just enough testosterone in an anabolic steroid such as testosterone cypionate at a dose that will just get them to the minimum acceptable levels for their age and what they should be naturally producing. This is where the main problem lies. At REGENAMEX Clinic we have found that low testosterone levels and low growth hormone levels are some of the key factors that lead to aging poorly. There is no clear way to stop the effects of aging, but we can mitigate those effects and greatly reduce their negative connotations by replacing these key hormones with synthetic versions that are bio-identical. We do this by raising those key hormones to elevated levels that would be consistent with a younger man. Most of these doctors that are giving TRT to their patients are doing the following regiments. They typically give testosterone cypionate at 1ml injection once a week or once every 2 weeks. There are many other regiments out there, but these seem to be the most common. The problem with such low doses of testosterone cypionate is that it will barely get the patient more testosterone than they are already producing. So we get calls all the time from guys saying they expected all these great results like more energy and such and just are not feeling it. Unfortunately doctors and the general public in the US, Canada and elsewhere have been persuaded that steroids are a terrible thing and will make your heart explode, kidneys fail, liver shut down and more. This is not even close to true. Again testosterone is something you naturally produce and will not hurt you even though you will get it synthetically from steroids. We are not talking about anything close to bodybuilder doses here, which is where the negative side effects of steroids take shape.

Doctors are afraid of malpractice suits and stay within the guidelines the FDA has given them. Unfortunately these guidelines are flawed and based more on limiting performance enhancing drugs in sports than focusing on the general public’s well being. Then the dirty secret is that nearly every guy over 40 is on steroids from their doctor. They have created this dichotomy of fear based around something you need. They then shill it to you at prices that are exorbitant and only those with good insurance or lots of money can afford. Most people we talk to are forced to go to the doctor for their injections and pay around $100 per 1ml injection. Bayer Primoteston is relatively affordable at about $15usd per ml. So you can get 6 times as much for the same price and inject a dose that will actually make a difference to your health and well being. The answer seems pretty simple now, doesn’t it?

If you are now ready for a true testosterone replacement therapy then REGENAMEXClinic has what you need.


Allows you to seek medical treatment in a foreign country and return home with up to 50 dose units of each medication.

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